SnowblowerWhy should you have a snowblower at your home? Well, if you are like the millions of people all across the country who learned about snow in recent years, then that is a pretty simple question to answer. Hey, it is incredibly heavy considering that it is nothing more than semi-frozen water.

If you have ever spent hours trying to shovel off your driveway or sidewalk, then you know why having one is more than just a good idea.  You know it becomes vitally important. And if there are any kind of health issues to consider, then it can become an actual life saver. Every year there are far too many people who have heart attacks directly related to the exertion of shoveling the innocent looking white stuff.

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Another advantage of having one is the simple time savings. Sure, that driveway doesn’t look all that big when you are warm and dry and peeking out of the window, but just you wait until you are out there, shovel in hand trying desperately to finish up before all of your fingers and toes just pop right off and rattle around in your gloves and boots. That small driveway that you were looking at from inside of the house is now looming in front of you, miles wide and miles long, the icy wind whipping past your frozen cheeks and making you wish that you were somewhere, anywhere else.

If you have one of these and a teenager, your problems might be solved. In addition to solving your buried car issues, ol’ sonny boy can go out and make a few bucks for himself and help people at the same time. A safety note: before you allow teens to operate this or other type of machine, it is important that they know exactly how to use it correctly and carefully.

You should also know when you can actually handle doing the snow removal for yourself and when you need the snowblower. If there is more than an inch already out there and more is coming or it is the horrible, wet and heavy type that does not drift from the sky but rather hurtles itself earthward, go out to the garage and grab the blower. If there is an inch or less, though, or it is the fluffy, barely sticking to the ground, fake looking, movie set stuff, grab the shovel or even a broom and leave the equipment in the garage.

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